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Familiar faces join Danganronpa: Another Episode 


[There’s a little bit more new info here.]

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#I was bout to make a post about the more info so here it is

Danganronpa: Another Episode Has Danganronpa 1′s Hero, Makoto Naegi, In It 



Danganronpa: Another Episode takes place between Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and its sequelDanganronpa: Goodbye Despair. Komaru Naegi, Danganronpa 1′s lead character Makoto’s sister, and Toko Fukawa are the lead characters in this action game.

Famitsu magazine reports a little surprise. Makoto Naegi is also in Danganronpa: Another Episode along with Nagito Komaeda, the Ultimate Lucky Student, from Danganronpa 2. Byakuya Togami also returns for Danganronpa: Another Episode and all of them are suited up with some interesting clothes…

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We freed them…but at what cost?

that ball wasn’t there to trap them

it was to protect us

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こまるちゃんwith苗木君パーカー | sasa [pixiv]


こまるちゃんwith苗木君パーカー | sasa [pixiv]

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no one posted these? looks like i will then

screenshots for dr:ae from famitsu everyone 


im so excited for drae but i feel like this picture is equally as important

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